How to stay healthier?

As you’ve no doubt discovered, losing weight takes dedication and perseverance. But, you’ve also found that it is well worth the effort. The rewards of feeling good and having more energy are just some of the terrific benefits of getting to your ideal weight.

Now, let’s think about how you can keep that weight off.

Keeping the weight from returning is very doable. Viewing your weight loss journey as having different stages, and following through on all those stages even if it takes longer, can set you up for long term maintenance.

So, as excited as you are about seeing that magic number on the scale, don’t rush out and proclaim “I did it! I’m done!” Take the time to settle in to the phases of transitioning and adopting the daily lifestyle and eating habits that will keep you at that goal weight.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your hard earned weight loss success and keep it off over the long-term:

  • Make sure the weight loss program you have chosen has a plan to not only lose weight, but to transition you from the weight loss phase into a long-term maintenance regime. You will continue to need coaching, monitoring and support during this transition and through maintenance. The team that supported you through your dieting days may become even more valuable when you are facing more choices and need to learn different coping skills.
  • Keep following the healthy, positive eating habits that you’ve already developed.
  • Watch for situations that might sabotage your weight loss journey and lead to weight ‘creep.’ For example if you find you are working overtime, instead of reaching for a piece of candy to boost your energy, try using your lunchtime or break to take a quick walk. Or, if you’re travelling, instead of eating airport food, bring your own healthy food to snack on.
  • Plan ahead so you always have healthy foods on hand.
  • Keep relying on family, friends and others for support to help you get over any ‘bumps in the road.’
  • Monitor your weight and if you gain a few pounds, don’t panic. Just re-set. Adjust your eating and exercise until you’re back where you want to be—but try not to delay and get back on track as quickly as possible.

Remember, you’ve entered a new life-long phase in your self-care journey. Surround yourself with the team that will help and support you, plan ahead, stay on course and enjoy your healthier lifestyle.


Begin your amazing transformation.

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