Even If You’re Crazy Busy, You Can Still Lose Weight

No doubt about it – sticking to a healthier weight loss program will require a commitment of time. But where do you find that time?

If you’re like most of us, you have a job that keeps you hopping (or sitting most of the day), an active family life and the daily stresses that happen in our lives. You may wonder how (or even why) you’re going to add one more thing to your day.

If this sounds like you, don’t throw up your hands in dismay just yet; there are some smart strategies you can take to make a healthy weight loss journey doable, no matter how swamped you are.

  1. Even when you are rushed, skipping meals is a bad idea. You might find that when you do finally eat you either overeat or make unhealthy food choices.
  1. Communicate your food plan to your family and others in your household. They can share food preparation with you, saving you time and giving everyone a healthier dinner.
  1. Find a weight loss diet you can live with. To be successful in the long term, you have to find a diet plan to lose weight that keeps you healthy and supports you to function at your peak.
  1. Planning will save you lots of time. Pick one evening a week to make your meals for that week. Make extra so you can have prepared food in the refrigerator at all times. Keep food ready to eat in the refrigerator at the office. Make a comprehensive grocery list including everything you will need for the week – you’ll have the healthy foods you need and won’t make unnecessary trips. Stash non-perishable healthy food in your car along with water so you stay hydrated. Fill your water bottle as soon as you get to work; keep it with you and see how much you drink through the day.
  1. Take opportunities to be active. Exercise positively affects your heart and how your body functions. It even relieves stress! Take the stairs, park at the back of the lot so you’ll walk more, turn on the music and dance around the room (this works well when you are alone!), get up from the computer and stretch, walk the dog, give those garden plants some attention. You may think you are too busy, but there are lots of ways to stretch and move while you are doing other activities.
  1. Get enough sleep. Selling yourself short on sleep can affect your energy and make you vulnerable to temptation regarding your food choices.

In short, finding a weight loss solution is certainly possible, even for people who are crazy busy.


Begin your amazing transformation.

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