Can You Be Body Positive and Lose Weight?

You’ve probably heard the term “body positivity” recently—especially if you’re thinking about weight management or working toward losing weight. You may have wondered if you can be body positive and lose weight. The answer is yes, but this doesn’t mean we can only love the body we’re in and not make changes. Exploring weight loss options and losing weight can actually be very body positive.

Body positivity, bodypos for short, is the idea that: all bodies are worthy, there is no “ideal” body type, and people should love themselves regardless of their body shape or size. Stretch marks, acne, body hair, scars, blemishes—bodypos seeks to normalize all of it.

Why did the bodypos movement start?

The bodypos movement started as a call for the media to better represent diverse body types.  It also drew attention to the extreme photoshopping and idealized editing of models and celebrities in ads and publications. Some have taken this to mean that body positive promotes obesity, while at the same time shaming slim people. Not true! Body positivity has never been about “skinny shaming” or promoting obesity or unhealthy lifestyles.


How can weight loss and body positivity work together?

It is about being kind to yourself and adopting an affirming attitude toward your body. It’s also wanting to be the healthiest, best version of yourself.  It is body positive to search for healthy weight loss programs and to lose weight in order to be healthier & achieve your goals—whether your goal is to move more comfortably, or generally be more active.

You don’t have to love the size on the tag or the number on the scale because those numbers are not you. Reminding yourself why you want to lose weight is a great place to start.  Set an alert on your phone or leave notes around your home with your goals to remain body positive while on your weight loss journey.

Your health, happiness, and well-being are all great reasons to lose weight and they are body positive. Although it’s fine to have a short-term inspiration like wanting to look good in an outfit for an event, it probably won’t keep you motivated long-term. Personal bodypos weight loss motivators might look something like: actively playing with your children, taking daily walks, or participating in activities that might be painful or uncomfortable now.

Your motivation doesn’t have to be big to be effective! Set your goals based on the life you want to live to be happy and healthy. At the end of the day, you are your own champion when it comes to your weight loss journey: stay focused on the reasons why you want to lose weight and don’t forget to celebrate your weight loss wins, both big and small!


Begin your amazing transformation.

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